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Deathgasm Records Releasing "Imago" from Swedish Death Metallers Mordbrand on May 20

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Deathgasm Records Releasing Imago from Swedish Death Metallers 
Mordbrand on May 20

After several splits and EPs, Imago, the debut full-length CD from Sweden's MORDBRAND will finally be unleashed May 20 on Deathgasm Records.

Imago consists of nine tracks of dark, haunting Swedish Death Metal. The album also features guest leads by Eric Cutler (AUTOPSY) and CC DeKill (GRAVEHILL), as well as artwork once again by the master Juanjo Castellano. A vinyl LP version of Imago will be released through Deathgasm and Doomentia Records in the coming weeks; stay tuned! has posted An exclusive stream of album cut "Join them in Thralldom." Check it out HERE.   




"They offer the finest Swedish Death Metal." - Voices from the Darkside


"A Three-man death metal juggernaut. Good songwriting and authentic performance still win." - No Clean Singing



Join them in Thralldom

That which Crawls

Their Name are Myriads

Hoarding the Grotesque

Bastion of Blood

The Spawning (Born of Rot)


Sever the Limbs that Grace


B.Larsson - Guitar, Bass
J.Rudberg - Drums

P.Boder - Vocals

Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
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