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HORRID: "Blood on Satan's Claw" Streaming at Crown of Viserys

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HORRID: "Blood on Satan's Claw" Streaming at Crown of Viserys

Metal hub Crown Of Viserys is streaming "Blood on Satan's Claw" off of Sacrilegious Fornication, the new album from Italian old-school death blasphemers HORRID.

A ripping and relentless slab of true death metal in vein of DEICIDE and AUTOPSY, "Blood on Satan's Claw" is now playing at this location.

Sacrilegious Fornication is out now on Dunkelheit Produktionen on CD and digital formats. To order, visit the links below:

Italy's HORRID have cultivated their bleak style of cult death metal since 1989. The band's newest album, Sacrilegious Fornication, stays true to their roots without sounding rehashed in any way.  The evil ones rage through their rolling and martyring tracks in a brute and insanely sinister way. The music is variable yet disturbingly morbid. The genre has not produced something of similar quality in years! Fans of Satanic Death Metal can revel in HORRID's pure and unrelenting blasphemy.

The album was recorded at Sweden's Sunlight Studios (KATATONIA, TIAMAT, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER) by Thomas Skogsberg and mastered in the Occultum Studio in Biella, Italy. Sacrilegious Fornication contains an exclusive HELLHAMMER cover ("Massacra") and a special guest appearance by Johan Johannson (INTERMENT). Artwork comes courtesy of Cristophe "Thorncross" Moyen.


"Sacrilegious Fornication brings to the forefront that classic death metal feeling from the beginning of the nineties with raw riffs and mid tempo (for the standards of today) rhythm session." - Dark Souls United


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