mercoledì 23 agosto 2017

Due omaggi per voi da Moonjune Records: Terje Rypdal - Happy 70th Birthday

Compie 70 anni un riferimento assoluto della chitarra. Di seguito auguri, considerazioni e novità da Moonjune Records, che vi fa anche due regali!
MoonJune wishes Happy 70th Birthday
to the ultimate guitar maestro and Stratocaster poet,
sonic visionary and deep soul searcher 
"Cosmic grooves, celestial harmonies".
"Reflective mystic somber chords.
One of the most original and immediately recognizable guitar sounds on the planet.  
- Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

Rypdal can wow you with speed and chops as well as any virtuoso, but he can do more: he can paint a picture, tell a story, inspire quiet reflection, stir memory, elicit emotion. Guitar virtuosity is rather common these days, but these gifts of evocation are as rare as ever.
- Giddeon Egger, Notes On The Road
Dear Friends In Music

Terje Rypdal - Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, predominantly electric guitar player (Rypdal also played soprano sax, flute, piano, synth, acoustic guitar on his records and live concerts), composer, sound visionary - is arguably my all time favorite musician and a huge inspiration since I've heard his music for the first time in early 80s. No other guitarist touched my soul and shakes my inner and outer senses more thanas this genius axe viking.Terje Rypdal is the exclusive ECM artist for 45 years. Admired by Jeff Beck, Andy Summers, David Torn, Bill Frisell, Allan Holdsworth, Jan Akkerman, Elliott SharpNels Cline, Henry Kaiser, Phillip Catherine, Eivind AarsetRoine Stolt, Mark Wingfield, and possibly even Jimi Hendrix, quoting him as one of their favorite players. Terje Rypdal is one of the most respected European contemporary artists and as way-too-many guitar/jazz/prog/fusion luminaries who are not USA and/or UK based, remains comparatively unrecognized specially within the United States, where he only performed 3 times, and I was lucky to catch him at his breathtaking formidable NYC performance at Le Poisson Rouge in 2012 (with Palle Mikkelborg on trumpet, Stale Storløkken on Hammond organ and Paolo Vinaccia on drums). As the former Guitar Player editor Barry Cleveland wrote once, his sound is one of the most original and immediately recognizable on the planet. New music? Jazz? Prog? Jazz-rock-fusion? Neo-classical? No, simply Terje Rypdal, a genre per se, -unique, incomparable, innovative, beyond any conventional categorization. 

Several MoonJune associated guitarists consider Terje Rypdal among their greatest influences: Mark Wingfield, Michele Delville, Markus Reuter, Dennis Rea, Nelson Coelho, Agam Hamzah, Reza Ryan.

To celebrate 70th birthday of the ultimate guitar maestro, MoonJune is offering free downloads of two tunes that are directly inspired by the Norwegian maestro.
Fjords de Catalunya
from the album
The Stone House
(MoonJune Records, 2017)

Tributing the celestial Rypdal.

Mark Wingfield (guitar), Markus Reuter (touch guitar), Yaron Stavi (bass guitar),
Asaf Sirkis (drums).
Over Birkerot
from the album
Never Pet A Burning Dog
(MoonJune Records, 2010)

Terje Rypdal's composition originally
on his album Odyssey
Tributing the vintage Rypdal.

Michel Delville (guitar), Tony Bianco (drums), Alex Maguire (keyboards).

domenica 13 agosto 2017

29° ROCK CONTEST: al via le iscrizioni al concorso nazionale per gruppi musicali emergenti


La manifestazione, aperta ai musicisti under 35, è organizzata da Controradio e ControradioClub,
in collaborazione con Regione Toscana, Comune di Firenze e SIAE.


29° Rock Contest: al via le iscrizioni al concorso nazionale per gruppi musicali emergenti


 E' possibile iscriversi fino al 30 settembre su 
Si moltiplicano i premi per i vincitori, con il Premio Fondo Sociale Europeo e il Premio SIAE. Sugar Music tra i partner.