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Morbid Slaughter: "Wicca" 7-inch available for pre-order

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Morbid Slaughter: Wicca 7-inch available for pre-order

Wicca, the forthcoming 7-inch vinyl EP from Lima, Peru's MORBID SLAUGHTER, is now available for pre-order through Boris Records. 


The EP is limited to 500 copies and comes with free digital download. Wicca will ship on its official release date of May 31. 


To order visit

Wicca is streaming in full at


MORBID SLAUGHTER is set to take the world by storm with their sick thrash/black metal attack. Dealing with the themes of horror, witchcraft and murder, MORBID SLAUGHTER's new 7" EP, is a sick and tortured listen. The title track "Wicca" starts things off with old-school thrash mixed with vocals that are straight out of a Romero film. "The Nightly Breath of God" follows suit with another necro scum-filled thrash assault on your already-dulled senses. If these two tracks are any indication, MORBIDSLAUGHTER is set to become your next favorite blackened thrash band. Beware their fury.






"With blackened vocals and furious throwback Thrash, (with a hint of punk groove), Morbid Slaughter have reminded me, once again, that Metal is still being created justly, with 100% allegiance to the dark and subterranean world of Metal. Buy this new offering from Morbid Slaughter and let their Blackened ways elate you or scare the pent-up fecal matter out of your intestines; it's a grand Metal feeling either way. Metal be thy name." - Metal Odyssey



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