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MORFIN: "Inoculation" Out Now on FDA Rekotz

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MORFIN: Inoculation Out Now on FDA Rekotz


From the depths of Californian crypts, FDA Rekotz presents bone-breaking death metal act MORFIN and their debut album, Inoculation. Comprised of 10 classically-inspired death metal hymns - including a surprise cover tune - Inoculation crushes faces in the vein of early Death, Gorguts and Skeletal Remains. The album was recorded at Executer Studio in Pico Rivera, Calif., (Skeletal Remains), with artwork by Badic Art (Skeletal Remains, Goregast, Demonical, Dehuman Reign).

Inoculation is out now on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl LP will be offered on red/black marbled (100 copies only) or standard black vinyl. 

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The recently released video for "Viral Mutation" is now playing at this location.

"Everything about Morfin's 'Inoculation' reeks of classic Death Metal"

definite Floridian sound, delivering a rhythmically dynamic, head-thumping death metal charge that's a real throwback, but a refreshing one at the same time. Wait for the screaming guitar solos." - 
"If you love Death's 'Scream Bloody Gore' you will love this too." - Battle Helm

Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle

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