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Kaotoxin Records to Release Nephren-Ka's 'The Fall of Omnius' on September 3rd

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Kaotoxin Records to Release Nephren-Ka's The Fall of Omnius on September 3rd

Kaotoxin Records has set September 3rd as the date on which The Fall of Omnius from French death metallers NEPHREN-KA will be unleashed. Who said death could only live in darkness? What about a blinding sunshine, a whole desert world only made of sand, skin-melting heat, dehydration, monster worms, dark magic, mind control and... WAR?  


NEPHREN-KA's follow-up to 2010's Revenge and Supremacy EP is the musical embodiment of Frank Herbert's 'Dune' saga. As heavy as Shaï-Hulud, the giant worm, and as brutal as a horde of raging Feydakins, The Fall of Omnius is the manifestation of a war for survival and supremacy. Produced at Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Insain...) and featuring artwork/layout by Stan W. Decker (Avalon, Vanden Plas, Dysmorphic...), The Fall of Omnius is dark, heavy, and frighteningly intense Death Metal.  


Stream the album's title track at   



1. Butlerian Djihad

2. Mastering the Voice

3. Legend of Selim (Pt. 1: The Seeds of Discord)

4. The Rise of Omnius

5. Feydakins Storm

6. The Cymek Revolution

7. Legend of Selim (Pt. 2: The return of the Worm Rider)

8. Praise Shai-Hulud

9. To the Golden Path




Laurent Chambe (Vocals)

Sébastien Briat (Guitars & Backing vocals)

Alexandre Phalippon (Bass & Backing vocals)

Thibaud Pialoux (Drums) 


France - SoundWorks / UK & Eire - Code7 / US & Canada - MVD / Digital - The Orchard 



Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
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