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Kaotoxin Records Announces First Bands for Kaotoxin Fest #II


Kaotoxin Records Announces First Bands for Kaotoxin Fest #II


After a successful debut, the Kaotoxin Fest will return in 2015 for a second edition that will take place in Lille, France on December 5. 


The first festival saw a slew of bands from Kaotoxin Records' illustrious roster, including  6:33, Ad Patres, Antropofago, Department of Correction, Dehuman, Drawers, Eye Of Solitude, Infected Society, The Lumberjack Feedback, Nephren-Ka, Nolentia, Sidious, Unsu, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC storming the stage at Lille's El Diablo club. This year's edition will be centered on Kaotoxin bands who didn't perform last year. Confirmed names thus far are as follows:

  • Putrid Offal
  • Savage Annihilation: feat. Bono (ex-Insain) as special guest on bass.
  • Miserable Failure: First gig ever, featuring guest drummer Kevin Foley (Benighted).
  • F Stands For Fuck You: First gig in years.

More artists and many exclusive surprises will be announced in the coming months. For updates, visit this location


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