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MONSTERWORKS' 'The Existential Codex' Out Today


MONSTERWORKS' The Existential Codex Out Today / Digital Version Available for Free Download


MONSTERWORKS' The Existential Codex is out today on Eat Lead & Die Music.  The six-track digital version is available as a free download . The 73-minute CD comes with bonus tracks, as well as Blu-Ray of 5.1 Surround and HD stereo mixes on the UK group's Bandcamp page. Another in a long line of super metal masterpieces, The Existential Codex is also available for purchase at


Vocalist/Guitarist Jon Higgs had this to say about the album:


"The Existential Codex is a natural progression from our previous release, Overhaul, and picks up/expands various ideas from that and, in fact, the last several albums.  Musically, we are pushing our boundaries in all directions, although it is definitely metal at its heart.  Lyrically, there is some kind of abstract story weaving through the album with a meaning that is a mystery to everyone involved, including me.  As always with Monsterworks there is a common theme but no definitive answers.  Nevertheless, hopefully The Existential Codex will spark some independent thought along the way."

"From a technical standpoint this is the first time we have successfully gone all the way with a 5.1 surround mix, which I believe is an interesting way to listen to music and opens up new possibilities.  Not only that, it is worth mentioning that we strive to maintain dynamic range in metal and James Plotkin helped out again with a mastering job on the main stereo mix which does not crush the life out of it.  If you know about the 'Loudness War', you know what I mean and, in fact, any true metal head should make it their business to demand the best possible source material for their headbanging pleasure."

Read the complete set of lyrics from The Existential Codex at





Track List:

Higgs Field

Ripple Effect

Hallowed Script *

The Uncertainty Principle *

Moment of Death *


Vision by the Inward Eye *

Noble Lie *

Temple of Distortion

Tapping the Void

The Ride

...of Existence *


* bonus tracks on CD/5.1 Surround Disc



"The Existential Codex has album of the Year-esque potential"

- Two Guys Metal Reviews

"The Existential Codex is the perfect musical journey for lovers of experimentation within extreme metal." 8.5/10 - Queens of Steel

"Few bands push metal's boundaries quite as far as the prolific Monsterworks.

 - Rush on Rock


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