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ANGUISH's 'Mountain" Album Streaming Exclusively at Sputnik Music


ANGUISH's 'Mountain" Album Streaming Exclusively at Sputnik Music


ANGUISH's Mountain is now streaming in its entirety at Sputnik Music. Get Doomed right here:


Aptly titled Mountain, the highly anticipated sophomore release from Sweden's ANGUISH will be unleashed November 12 on Dark Descent Records. The follow-up to 2012's mammoth debut Through the Archdemon's Head sees the band expanding upon their oppressive brand of Doom Metal. Compared to its predecessor, Mountain is stripped down, clocking in at 48 minutes across eight tracks of suffocating dread, yet the compositions are the band's most varied to date.


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Makarian Furnace

Stir up the Demon

Master of Peak's Fall

Decomposer of Planets

The Woven Shield




"It is called Mountain and it definitely sounds huge. There is no refuge at the top either." - Stoner Hive

"Think Candlemass with double kicks fronted by Quorthon." - Beatroute

"Anguish's demeanour is presented in a sound remorselessly stripped down to the bone, with an uncompromisingly bleak approach to song writing "
- Metal Storm


J. Dee  (Vocals)
David  (Lead guitars/bass)
Christoffer  (Rythm guitars/bass)
Rasmus  (Drums) 

Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
ClawHammer PR
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