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Begrime Exemious' 'The Enslavement Conquest' Out Now on Dark Descent

Begrime Exemious' 'The Enslavement Conquest' Out Now on Dark Descent

Canadian death horde BEGRIME EXEMIOUS have re-emerged from the depths for the release of their third full-length, The Enslavement Conquest. The album is out now on Dark Descent Records. Order it here.

Check out Antichrist Magazine's exclusive stream of "Overpowered (Under Siege)" below.

Decibel Magazine is also streaming "Noose for a Monarch" at this location.
"This is vile, down and dirty death metal sure to make fellow Canadian death dealers all the more proud."

"High levels of raw death metal are presented and they cut through like a sharp knife."
- Arte Mortifica

"BEGRIME EXEMIOUS have come up with a record that is a homage to their influences, played very convincingly."
- Metal-Rules


BEGRIME EXEMIOUS are a Canadian death metal band that formed in 2005. After forging an alliance with Dark Descent Records, the band released a pair of full length albums in addition to a handful of EPs and splits. With several tours around Canada and the US under their belt, 2016 sees the release of the band's third album, The Enslavement Conquest. The band's sound has morphed into an amalgamation of classic death metal influences that expose the horrors of war and the corruption within.

D. Orthner - Vocals, Guitar
F. Thibaudeau - Guitar, Vocals
A. Rintoul - Bass
L. Norland - Drums

Scott Alisoglu  / Ryan Ogle
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